Welcome to NTCEP

Welcome to NTCEP!

Why the funny name? We thought very hard about communicating our idea and NTCEP just worked.
The Network for Transformational Change through Education and Practice (NTCEP) was brought about to bridge the gap between education and understanding, theory and doing. We see space for more discussion, open and free, through the written or performed word, our chief requirement, is can you present your opinion and back it up with facts and are willing to get pushback and rebuttal.

From short pieces that Call to Action! to long-form pieces, we want discussion. Our discussions are not trolling comments or lack substance, we want and expect a thoughtful give and take.

We also want to bring the millions of people and thousands of groups together, giving each a platform to talk about their mission, their cause and link them with like-minded people across the globe.

A great deal of work in the field is done through performance art, dance, music, and theater, we believe that voice is lacking proper exposure to the world so we have a space to showcase the many groups and people doing this work.

We believe students miss opportunities to help in their communities and groups don’t have time or resources to always look beyond their constituencies, so we want to bridge the gap. We are not a jobs board. Plenty of places on the web can list jobs, we want to look at the academics and practice. Engage your mind and bring actions to your thoughts.

We are looking for writers; you do not have to be a pro, in fact, we want the amateur, we want to be the place for your first published work, please email info@ntcep.org with your idea or story and let’s talk. Better yet, submit your post directly through our story submission page.

If you want your school or group featured on the website let us know at info@ntcep.org and we will be happy to speak with you about the opportunity for greater outreach.

Our platform offers free membership to individuals* and great benefits to all including;

  • forming groups
  • hold discussions via chat or video*
  • collaborate in real-time on a document
  • take a class
  • we feature the largest listing of academic programs in conflict resolution or peace studies from across the world
  • developing your academic skills
  • have an event you want publicized? let us know and we’ll include it on the events page
  • meet like-minded people and engaging in fruitful dialogue meant to open the world
  • discover the culture and voice of others through performance art, dance, music, and theater

*use of video requires a small yearly membership fee.

Memberships for schools, NGOs, for profits and others also available with additional benefits. Send an email to info@ntcep.org for more information.

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