Here we will bring music, theater, dance and the arts to the conflict resolution/peace studies community.
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TÉA Creative releases the curiosity and creativity of artist, entrepreneurs, and civically-minded individuals by offering theatrical experiences, custom designed trainings, and problem solving workshops that artfully combine the Insight skills, artistic performance, and targeted systems analysis that participants need to effectively engage the concrete situations and issues they feel committed to improve. TE’A Creative

Theatre Without Borders (TWB) is an informal, volunteer, virtual community that shares information and builds connections between individuals and institutions interested in international theatre and performance exchange.

Vision: TWB was born out of a need to connect artists around the world. TWB advocates for theatre artists who see themselves as members of a global community, as well as citizens of their respective nations and cultures.

Seed & Grow: We plant seeds and watch the plants grow and develop, thanks to our many partners. Here are some of the projects where the enthusiasm, insight, knowledge, skill and commitment of TWB artists is leading to significant progress supporting international theatre and performance exchange.. Theatre without Borders

Voices of the New Belfast is a documentary film project centred on individuals from other countries who have come to live in Belfast. It captures real stories and explores the experiences of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The films also deal with the specific issues that affect these people and their communities. The filmmaking team consists of Jonathan Agnew, Gerard Stewart and Stuart Sloan. Voices of the New Belfast



Cahoots NI is a Belfast based theatre company, founded by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney and Zoe Seaton, which produces world class work for children and their families.

Creating inspiring theatre for children using physical theatre, contemporary circus, original music, digital technology and special effects which, when combined with the age-old popularity of magic and illusion, delivers an experience which is magical and memorable.

Home Away From Home That’s what Life Pieces To Masterpieces (LPTM) provides to the hundreds of African American young men and boys growing up in Washington, DC’s most poverty-stricken and volatile neighborhoods. And, in a city with the highest rate of poverty in the United States, there is an urgent need for this loving, safe environment for expressing fear, anger, hope, and joy.

LPTM helps young people turn life challenges into opportunities for self-reliance, resilience, and success. Our programs teach integrity, character development, and leadership skills. Join us and help ensure that every child in our community has a strong support system and the prospect of big dreams and a bright future.

 The Chicago Community Trust’s On the Table is an annual forum designed to elevate civic conversation, foster new relationships and inspire collaborative action across the region.   On Tuesday, May 16, 2017 tens of thousands of Chicago-area residents will gather in small groups to share a meal and discuss the challenges and opportunities we face.  These conversations can inspire new ways we can work together to make our communities stronger, safer and more dynamic. On the Table



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