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Trump and Police Violence – The Tipping Point

Amnesty International 2017 Amnesty International posted the remarks on the left following a speech by President Trump at a police event in Suffolk, N.Y. It got me thinking about this president and hate. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) tracks hate groups in the United States and in 2017 they have found a 197% increase in the total number of anti-Muslim hate groups...

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Liberal Democracy Under Threat?

Two studies suggest that liberal democracy may no longer be the panacea it was thought to be. In a paper due to be published in January in the Journal of Democracy, University of Melbourne political scientist Dr Roberto Stefan Foa and Dr Yascha Mounk, from Harvard University, show the public dissatisfaction with democracy we are seeing in surveys across the...

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Fake news as real news – quoted by children

An Irish News article states that "PUPILS are quoting fake news as fact in classrooms and written work, a poll of teachers has found. More than a third of teachers said false information found online had been cited, according to a survey by the (National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers) NASUWT." This hardly seems like news, fake news has been...

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Sisi-Trump Meeting Shows Mutual Contempt for Rights

Then-presidential nominee Donald Trump meets with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on September 19, 2016 in Manhattan, New York. © 2016 Reuters As a graduate of George Mason University, School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution program I am distressed at the level of ignorance, hatred, and intolerance of the present US administration, nowhere is this more obvious than the state visit...

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Martin McGuinness steps down in NI, takes government with him

McGuinness steps down, so many questions, so little time  As you have no doubt heard by now Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has stepped down from his post and effectively toppled the government. As part of the power sharing agreement the Ministers, Arlene Foster and McGuinness share equal power and station. If one resigns the other is automatically forced out...