One of the core beliefs at NTCEP is the importance of education.

Here you will find schools, both traditional and non-traditional that offer coursework in conflict analysis, conflict resolution, peace studies and other classes in the field. We will highlight the various schools and courses from all levels of education on this page so keep an eye out for your program or send us an email with a suggestion of a school or program we may have missed. in addition to the college degree level, we are very interested in programs and classes happening for young people. Please let us know if you attended, teach or host a program we don’t have on our list.

Many conflict resolution type-courses can be found through global studies, women’s studies, gender studies, international relations, peace and conflict studies, political science, anthropology, sociology, psychology, citizenship and civic engagement so be open to classes in other disciplines.

We try to maintain the accuracy of all links below, if you find a broken link let us know.

Traditional School Programs – Higher Education




  • Mahidol University, Thailand, MA Program in Human Rights (International Program), MA Program in Human Rights and Democratisation (International Program), Ph.D. Program in Human Rights and Peace Studies, the only PhD in human rights and peace in Asia,
  • Pannasatra University, Cambodia, Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS) Master’s Programme, Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS) Ph.D. Programme





  • European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation, Venice Italy, European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation, 



  • Trinity College, Dublin, Irish School of Ecumenics, M.Phil, International Peace Studies, postgraduate diploma in Conflict & Dispute Resolution Studies, PhD. program


School for Justice The School For Justice is an Educational Programme that enables girls rescued from child prostitution to become lawyers and prosecutors. When a girl who is in level 10 enrols in the School for Justice, she will receive the training, tuition and mentoring needed to reach level 12. This is the required level to enter into university education. The girls will live on-site, where they will be able to study and receive extra tutoring.
When the girls start their university education, they will do so at a university where they will join the standard programme like any other Indian student. For that purpose the School for Justice is collaborating with one of the best law universities in India. They will follow a five-year education to obtain the title Bachelor of Law. With a special focus on commercial sexual exploitation cases. After obtaining their Bachelor of Law, the School for Justice will lobby the government to give them a chance to become public prosecutors. School for Justice









  • University of Peace – MA in Gender and Peacebuilding (GPB), MA in International Peace Studies (IPS), MA in International Peace Studies with specialization in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies (IPS-MPCS), MA in Peace Education (PE), PhD available across Media, Peace and Conflict Studies, Peace Education or Responsible Management and Sustainable Economic Development




Non-Traditional Programs

Coursera, works with partner universities and organizations to offer free and paid courses, certificates and online degrees. Working across platforms including phones, tablets and computers.

edX, A non-profit online education project started by the Massachusetts of Technology and Harvard University. Courses are available in a wide-range fo languages.

Future Learn: Is an online educational project. As others the project partners with various universities to offer online courses free of cost.

OpenupEd: Is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) initiative supported by the European Commission and partnered with EU-based universities offering free courses in native language in a variety of subjects and languages.


A number of institutions around the world offer intensive summer training programs in peace, conflict resolution and related fields. We will highlight a few, please check with schools listed above and your local community for programs.

Syracuse University, New York, The Summer Institute on Creative Collaboration and Conflict Resolution. is a series of workshop-style courses designed to enable participants to manage disputes and differences collaboratively in both professional and personal settings. Offerings vary by year.

Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland – Summer and Winter programs through the George Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice.  A flagship for interdisciplinary research in areas of major societal challenge, the Institute brings together excellent researchers from a wide range of disciplines to tackle some of the greatest global issues of our age.

Eastern Mennonite University, Summer Peacebuilding Institute, Harrisonburg, VA Diverse courses focused on key aspects of peacebuilding are offered each year.

University of Ulster, The Clinton International Summer School, Northern Ireland. The INCORE Summer School provides a structured learning opportunity to analyze the dynamic and constantly changing field of conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

University of Rhode Island, International Nonviolence Summer Institute, Provides basic and advanced level training in nonviolence practice and theory.

Capital University Law School, Columbus, OH, Summer Dispute Resolution (SDR) Institute


International Peace and Security Institute, part of Creative Learning:  Founded on the core belief that education can mitigate violent conflict, IPSI facilitates the transfer of knowledge and skills to a global audience from the world’s premier political leaders, academic experts, practitioners, and advocates. They offer two month long symposiums on key issues in the field

Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute, MPI is an Asian training institute grounded in the Mindanao, Philippines context that provides a space for people of diverse backgrounds to gather together, share and learn in a safe environment where all viewpoints are encouraged and respected.

Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, various courses taught through a consortium of schools in Massachusetts.

International Peace and Development Training Center, It is TransConflict’s assertion that the successful transformation of conflict requires a multi-dimensional approach that engages with and aims at transforming the very interests, relationships, discourses and structures that underpin and fuel outbreaks of low- and high-intensity violence.

Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University (Thailand): The Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University was established in 2004 to provide a three month, professional development certificate program twice annually to individuals currently working in related fields. Funding is available as part of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program.

The Network University’s Course on Transforming Civil Conflicts, Offered by the Modus Operandi for Conflict Transformation (Modop) and The Network University (TNU) The online course has been taught since 1999 to a wide range of professionals working in conflict areas, academics, journalists and students.

TechChange, We provide online professional development in technology and social change. Around the world, implementers in public health, emergency response, and monitoring and evaluation all struggle to solve pressing issues with limited resources. We connect them with relevant content, experts, and certification using our facilitated learning platform.

Transcend Peace University  TPU is an all-online university, currently headed by Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung, widely recognized as the core founding-figure of the academic discipline of peace-studies. Our inter-disciplinary courses are designed to cover issues pertaining to peace and development studies.

United States Institute of Peace, An independent national institute founded by US Congress. Its mission is to help prevent and resolve violent conflicts abroad, which pose risks for U.S. and global security. USIP works directly in conflict zones with local partners to prevent conflicts from turning to bloodshed and to end it when they do. The Institute provides training, analyses and other support to people, organizations, and governments working to build peace. Various programs are available to check out and participate.

United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)  The organization’s mission is to develop capacities to enhance global decision-making and to support country level action for shaping a better future. Our goal is to be a centre of excellence recognized within and outside the United Nations system for standard-setting methodologies, high-quality training, and research capacity on knowledge systems.

West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) WANEP’s vision is that of a “West Africa region characterized by just and peaceful communities where the dignity of the human person is paramount and where the people can meet their basic human needs and decide their own direction.”

One Day University brings together professors from the finest universities in the country to present special versions of their very best lectures – LIVE.

Other websites that might be useful

Big Future, College Board website, Major: Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies,  helpful dissemination of information for the field of peace and conflict resolution college programs.

Peace and Justice Studies Association The Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) is dedicated to bringing together academics, K-12 teachers, and grassroots activists to explore alternatives to violence and share visions and strategies for peacebuilding, social justice, and social change.

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